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Frequently Asked Questions about CheckMark 1095 Software

Technical Support is included with your purchase of either version of CheckMark 1095 Software.
1095 Software is CheckMark's newest and easiest to use product. A PDF User Manual helps you navigate the user-friendly interface. You can create employer and employees within minutes.
Our 1095 Software is compatible with both Payroll and MultiLedger. We have added a new "Export to 1095" button in both Payroll and MultiLedger so you can export selected 1095 employees from our existing programs with only a few clicks.
Our 1095 Software handles Our program handles 1094 B, 1095 B, 1094 C & 1095 C.
Technical Support is bundled with your purchase of either version of CheckMark 1095 Software and come in two plans - Pro and Pro+. For any assistance, you will need to purchase either a Pro or Pro+ plan. Both of these are available at a discounted bundle price when purchased with your update. If you purchase an additional support plan separately, it will be at the full retail price.
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