Payroll 2018 Change Log
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Payroll 2018 Change Log

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Please note: You need to have version 18.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.5 for 2018

  • Added option to Suppress Allowances from printing on paychecks.
  • Fixed Earning Register issues.
  • Updated Hour Register & Earnings and Hour Register reports.
  • Various State taxes updated.
  • Fixed Medicare calculation on Check Register.
  • Fix for Database issues.
  • Fixed Printing issue in Print Paychecks.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.2 for 2018

  • Social Security Maximum Updated.
  • 401k, 403b, 457b - maximums updated.
  • Various State and Local taxes updated.
  • Various SUTA maximums updated.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.1 for 2018

  • Added more Accrued Hour options to accommodate sick pay changes.
  • Check stub now provides state and federal withholding information, showing Single, Married or Exempt and the # of allowances from employee setup.
  • Made CT tables more automated to help with employee setup.