Payroll 2017 Change Log
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Payroll 2017 Change Log

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Please note: You need to have version 17.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.18 for 2017

  • Fixed 2017 W2/W3 Forms.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.17 for 2017

  • Removed the ability to change Medicare numbers for after fact payroll to fix report issues.
  • Resolved 940 quarterly liability report showing large number for Credit Reduction.
  • Increased speed of opening reports from Accrued hours fix.
  • Added 2017 W2/W3 Forms.
  • Added 2017 CA DE9 & CA DE-9C forms.
  • ME Tax Table Update.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.16 for 2017

  • Fixed rounding problems in accrued hours setup.
  • Removed an Omit from Net warning message that showed for items that were not needed in Additional Income.
  • Fix to help speed up some reports such as Earnings Register and 941

Changes in Payroll 17.0.15 for 2017

  • Updated KS Tax tables.
  • Fixed Medicare issue in Reports.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.14 for 2017

  • Repaired saving of SUTA %.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.13 for 2017

  • Added warning message for CA DE9 Form.
  • Fixed Income and Deductions alert message.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.12 for 2017

  • Fixed Medicare manual change issue.
  • Fixed Income and Deductions Import issue.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.11 for 2017

  • Updated 2017 941 form.
  • Fixed medicare calculation issue.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.10 for 2017

  • Fixed crashing while selecting Tax Exemptions & BIN Printing Option.
  • Fixed medicare manual calculation issue.
  • Correction to CA DE-9C CSV format.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.9 for 2017

  • Added 2017 941 form.
  • Updated 941 Schedule B form.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.8 for 2017

  • Added BIN in Paystub.
  • Fixed Ledger Account numbers saving issue.
  • Fixed Social Security Max Tax values rounding off.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.7 for 2017

  • Updates to OR tables calculations for 50K+.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.6 for 2017

  • Fixed Ledger Account numbers saving issue.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.5 for 2017

  • Fixed Crashing while Importing Prior Year.
  • Updated IN, MO, ND, NM & CO Tax Tables.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.4 for 2017

  • Corrected Import Prior Year.
  • Corrected PA State EFW2.
  • Fixed EFW2 Email Address issue.
  • Reports - Title Name fixes.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.3 for 2017

  • Correction to Employer Payments Titles.
  • Correction to Employee CheckRegister.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.2 for 2017

  • Updated OR and VT Tax tables.

Changes in Payroll 17.0.1 for 2017

  • Added 2017 Tax Tables.
  • Added 2016 940 & 940A forms.
  • Added 2016 944 form.
  • Added 2016 943 form.
  • Correction to EFW2

Changes in Payroll 17.0.0 for 2017

  • Added the ability to omit employees without wages from the EFW2 fileEmployees who have $0.00 wages for the year should not be included in the EFW2 filing
  • Updated forms in the program for 2016 W2 Wage & Tax Filing.
  • Updated form in the program for 2016 W3 Transmittal.
  • Updated Electronic formatting in the program for 2016 W2 Tax Filing – this is due January 31, 2017, earlier than in past years, so make sure to file on time.
  • Added a new option to Omit from Net – now there are two ways it can work:
  • 1 - The way it is currently, without including it in posting summary - for things like tips - because these are not an expense to the employer and should not show in their accounting program.
    2 - To have it expense the income - for things like insurance benefits - because these ARE an expense to the employer and need to show in their accounting program.
  • Added the ability to import Employee information in a .csv file format. This gives you more flexibility if the program you exported from only has .csv option.
  • Added the ability to export Employee information in a .csv file format. This gives you more flexibility if the program you are importing to only has .csv option.
  • Automation of OR tax tables making it easier for those employers to setup their state tables for the employees.
  • Added CA DE-9C CSV format for electronic filing.
  • This is a requirement by the state of CA for those employers that have to file electronically. (Will be in a patch-currently hasn’t passed testing)