1095 2015 Change Log
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1095 2015 Change Log

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Please note: You need to have version 15.0.0 or later of CheckMark 1095 already installed to run any patch.

What's included in the 1095 Software ?

Changes in 1095 15.0.9

  • Added a constraint to check the new version availability to purchase at the starting of the year.

Changes in 1095 15.0.8

  • Correction to E-File Fixes.

Changes in 1095 15.0.7

  • Correction to E-File Fixes.
  • Correction to ALE Member Information.
  • Correction to Replacement Transmission.
  • Correction to Replacement Submission.

Changes in 1095 15.0.6

  • Correction to E-File Fixes.
  • Correction to First Name and Last Name in Print Forms.

Changes in 1095 15.0.5

  • Correction to Line No 16 on 1095-C.

Changes in 1095 15.0.4

  • Correction to Line No 22C on 1094-C and Line No 16 on 1095-C.

Changes in 1095 15.0.3

  • Correction to Create ACA System Account URL.

Changes in 1095 15.0.2

  • Correction to database version.
  • Correction to ALE-Member Line no 35 in 1094-C form.
  • Correction to delete Employer.
  • Correction to E-File help Links

Changes in 1095 15.0.1

  • Correction to start month in 1095-C.
  • Correction to 20 Column in 1094-C form view.
  • Correction to print 1094-C for 18 & 20 Columns.
  • Correction to move Database.

1095 15.0.0 Includes

  • Unlimited number of databases, companies and employees.
  • A database manager making it easier to navigate from one database to another.
  • A print version to print the forms and submit by mail to the IRS.
  • Ability to setup Admin user with full access and sub users who can help with the data entry but won’t have full access to all the information.
  • Ability to import company and employee information in a tab-delimited text file format.
  • Options to view reports before printing and will print all forms.