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CheckMark Canadian Payroll Software

CheckMark Canadian payroll is especially designed for Canadian Small Business owners and comes with state of the art features at a very low yearly fee and is compatible with Macintosh and Windows environment.

Our Payroll Software offers a real value for money proposition with advanced features like Custom deductions and earnings definitions, Employee hours importing from spreadsheet or time-clock reports, Handling up to 99 departments with one instance of payroll software, Calculating paystubs on monthly and hourly basis are few of them. All these features are well received by our existing customers in Canada and we are continuously working in making it even better.

You may run it as stand-alone application and later export the data to your favorite accounting system or our very own small business accounting software (MultiLedger) we assure you data compatibility and security.

The updated version of Canadian Payroll Software 2016 comes with latest tax tables and we keep sending you updates during the year with no extra (or hidden) cost.

You may download trial version of our full-featured Canadian Payroll Software and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed. Its the easiest software to work on is something we hear from our customers constantly.

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