5 Reasons to Update Your CheckMark Payroll Software Now!

CheckMark payroll software

Every year payroll processing becomes more complicated with revised tax tables and new requirements from the IRS.  To pay your employees on time and ensure that taxes are filed accurately it is critical that you maintain up-to-date payroll software. Continue reading

When to Switch Your Payroll Service Provider?

payroll service provider

At which point you would need a switch over to new payroll service provider?

More often companies reach crisis point before making a decision to change. This puts people, systems and relationships under pressure, which shadows the business growth and at times most valuable employees may under perform and this may result in business losses.

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Checkmark Payroll 16.0 is Now Live with Additional Features

Checkmark Payroll 2016

The latest update of Checkmark payroll software 16.0 is full of new enhancements ensuring employers process payroll effortlessly. We release updates annually based on the feedback provided by thousands of small business owners using Checkmark payroll software.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the recently added features of Checkmark payroll software 2016.

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How to Choose Reliable Payroll Services for Small Business

payroll services for small business

How much time do you waste in gathering time cards, adding hours, calculating taxes, paying employees and filing taxes? According to a study, on average, 7 minutes are required for preparing, computing, and verifying time cards. If you prepare 50 time cards weekly, then it will take approx. 6 hours of your precious time. This time period is just for preparing time cards, and the time will add up for the further processing of payroll.

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Choosing a Payroll Services Company – Part 1

Payroll ServiceOutsourcing payroll services is a life saver especially for small business owners with limited man power resources and if you sign-up with a reputed company you can be sure of their best practices and professional approach.

But to choose the best among so many payroll service companies, all claiming to be prompt at their job is a tedious but fruit bearing exercise.

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Benefits of In-House Payroll Software for Small Business

payroll software for small business

As a small business owner, you need to be really concerned about having an accurate payroll system for your business because both employees and US government are dependent on you for their wages and taxes respectively. Many employers spend long hours calculating payroll manually in excel sheets, which is nothing short of wasting valuable time and effort.

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10 Signs You Should Invest In Payroll Service

Payroll doesn’t have to be hard. Payroll Software fits the bill for many companies and is a great and affordable option for them. However, it doesn’t fit the bill for all. If you’ve struggled with any of these 10 signs, consider contacting us for a free payroll services quote and let’s see if we can help you out!

1.      I don’t have time for payroll! Payroll Services is a quick and easy submission of hours every payroll period. Your payroll specialist handles the rest. No more midnight troubleshooting.

2.      I don’t know a thing about payroll. If you are totally clueless about payroll, it might be best to leave it to payroll specialists.

3.      I need to focus on the core of my business. No shame there. Payroll is easy to take off your plate.

4.      Complicated tax structure.  So you live in one of those places that has what feels like a bazillion local and state taxes with all these different rules. Well, you can make that someone else’s problem.

5.      When are taxes due? IRS loves late payments…means extra income for them!

6.      I’m not organized. Payroll and payroll taxes require good organization to be accurate and timely.

7.      It’s the bane of my existence! If you hate it, might as well pass it off to someone who likes it and spend more time doing what you are good at and enjoy.

8.      Payroll taxes are daunting and stressful. You aren’t the only one. They also don’t have to be stressful to you.

9.      Paying employees is stressful and confusing. Taxes, deductions, additional income, vacation…they all add up!

10.   I’m worried about IRS penalties. No one likes penalties. Payroll Services assume the liability if they make a mistake.

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